This July is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and we're ready to celebrate it with all you space enthusiasts out there!

Special Presentations

So how are we doing this? Well for starters, we're having special events each night we're open that will help teach you about the Moon, the Apollo program, and much more!

Here is a schedule for what we'll be talking about:

  • July 5th - Moon Mythbusters - Debunk common Myths and piece together some new facts!
  • July 6th - Mirror Moon - Learn about the source of the Moon's light and make your own Moon globe!
  • July 12th - Moon Phases - Learn why we see the Moon go through Phases
  • July 13th - Apollo Mission Overviews - Find out something new about each of the Apollo missions.
  • July 19th - Did We Really Go to the Moon? - Find out how we know we really did land on the Moon 50 years ago.
  • July 20th - Observing the Moon - Learn tips and tricks for observing the Moon using a telescope, binoculars, or just your eyes!
  • July 26th - What Lies Ahead: Beyond Apollo - After looking back and celebrating Apollo's successes, find out what is planned for the future of human spaceflight.
  • July 27th - Penny Moon & Earth's Bright Neighbor - Discover why we only see one side of the Moon and compare the sizes of the Earth and Moon to their distances.

Moon Photography Contest

We're also hosting a Moon Photo Contest! Submissions go to and must be submitted by midnight on August 3rd. Finalists will have their photos displayed on August 10th during Astro-Fest to be voted on! More information is available in our flyer.

Be sure to read the contest rules as well.

Also, if you need some tips on how to take great Moon photos, check out this article by one of our Volunteers and resident astro-photography expert Brent Newton.

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